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Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Hastings to Margate (55)
4849 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 316. Fri 16th May 2014 - Folkestone to Sandwich, 21 miles (4849 miles walked)

Looking back to Folkestone
The good weather continues and I was away at 07.30 taking a track alongside the railway line.

I couldn't see any way up the side of the cliffs but according to the map there is a path. After crossing over the railway line via the footbridge there was a footpath along the railway fence, which, after a while, started to climb up the side of the cliff.

The North Downs Way into Dover
Once I was on the top of the cliffs I followed the signs for the North Downs Way.

This was an easy path along the top and the last section, before the descent to road into Dover, was along a ridge which seemed oddly out of character along the coast.

The view from Dover Marina
The roads were non-stop with traffic and I was glad to take the cycle route through the marina and along the harbour front.

Aside from the ferries coming and going the two prominent features were Dover Castle on the hill and the White Cliffs.

Ascending the White Cliffs out of Dover
I followed the signs for The White Cliffs which took me on a path under the road and climbed steadily up the hill to the National Trust picnic area.

The North Downs Way heads inland from Dover but the Saxon Shore Way continues along the cliff top.

Singing to the Ferries
There were a few paths to chose from and all at different levels on the hill, I stuck to one of the higher ones and it contoured round onto the path near the cliff edge.

The port of Dover was very busy with ferries constantly coming and going and I thought I could hear voices from the ferries until I realised there was someone standing alone on a small hillock looking out to sea and singing loudly while playing a guitar.

Looking back to Dover
The Saxon Shore Way followed the edge of the clifftop and was still easy going, just dropping down to the bay at St Margaret's at Cliffe and then up some steps to get back on top.

The coastline from St Margaret's at Cliffe
The path stayed fairly level until the final easy descent to Kingsdown.

Looking down to Kingsdown
Back down at sea level it was now a cycleway right along the sea front to Deal and I realised I had left the south coast and was now walking north along the east coast.

I stopped on a bench near the castle at Walmer to finish my lunch, it was 12.40 and my campsite for tonight was just inland from here.

The castle at Deal
It was too soon to stop and as the next campsite was 25 miles away I decided to walk on for another couple of hours to Sandwich and get the train back to Walmer.

There was another castle at Deal which looked to be of the same design as the castle at Walmer.

I had enjoyed the walk up to Deal but this last 6 miles seemed a bit of a slog, I think It was just psychological as I was walking away from the campsite.

I got to the railway station at 15.00 in plenty of time for the 15.35 train and I was at the campsite, Clifford Park Caravans, for 16.00.

The owner of the site, Roger, gave me a spot close to an electric hook-up and gave me a cable to plug in so I could charge up my phone.
While I was cooking my tea Roger's wife came over and said she had been looking at my website and gave me the site fee back and a 10 donation.

21 sunny miles.
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