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Good old Lincolnshire......just as flat as Norfolk! (by Karen & Mick)

Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Gt Yarmouth to Sutton Br (61)
5458 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 357. Thu 26th Jun 2014 - King's Lynn to Fleet Hargate, 20 miles (5458 miles walked)

There were no campsites along the edge of The Wash from King's Lynn to Boston and campsite locations were such that today was going to be a longer than normal walk.

Today's campsite was at Fleet Hargate and even the straight line route using the lesser roads was going to be 20 miles. To try and walk along even a bit of the coast was going to add at least 4 miles.

River Great Ouse
I had a phone battery on charge in the campsite reception so I couldn't get going until 08.15, later than I would have liked when I have a long walk.

The good weather continued and I headed back into King's Lynn in the sunshine. I didn't want to walk on the A47 again so I took a slightly longer route, going through West Winch to use the A10 instead, this at least had a pavement.

A mole
Once I crossed the bridge over the River Great Ouse I had to decide if I was going to walk along any part of The Wash or not.

I didn't think too long about it, 20 miles was going to be plenty, and turned inland to go through the small villages.

Unusually, just about all of today's roads had a pavement of sorts which made walking much easier and gave me plenty of time to enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of the countryside. I came across this dead mole on the path.

River Nene
My straight line took me through Glenchwarton, Terrington St Clement and Walpole Cross Keys to get to the River Nene and Sutton Bridge.

At this point I was in Lincolnshire having left Norfolk behind after Walpole Cross Keys. This will be my last county before I am back in Yorkshire.

St Mary's Ch
It was 12.30 when I got into Sutton Bridge and the smell of fish & chips was too much for me to resist, it would save me having to buy anything for my tea.

After going through Little Sutton I came into Long Sutton and passed a "Princes" factory, a tin of "Princes Stewed Steak" is probably what I have eaten most of, in the smaller village stores this was all I could get, either that or a tin of Spam.

I stopped in a cafe here for a pot of tea and then went to take a photo of St Mary's Church which, according to the sign, has the highest and oldest wooden spire in Britain.

An hour later, at 15.30, I got to Fleet Hargate and the campsite at The Lawns where Tracy had offered me a free pitch.

So 20 miles walked today and just 16 days left to go, not that I'm counting!!
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