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I don't know, all we do for you and you couldn't even buy me a pint at Bateman's Brewery! (LOL)
Nice to meet up again Bro, will see you again lots within the next week
(by Mick)

Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Sutton Br to Grimsby (62)
5496 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 359. Sat 28th Jun 2014 - Wyberton, Boston to Wainfleet All Saints, 20 miles (5496 miles walked)

Going up The Haven & The Boston Stump
The forecast heavy rain for late yesterday must have bypassed us, I never noticed any rain at all.

It was still dry but noticeably cooler when Mick and I set off with light packs at 08.00 walking into Boston to cross The Haven. Boston Stump, the prominent structure in this flat county, was not standing out quite so much as we walked through the town.

A Bull
We followed the roads east, Mick had started at his usual fast pace and it had taken us just over 2 hours to cover the 7 miles to the embankment footpath just past Butterwick.

There were crops either side of us but the embankment had wide enough margins for it to be fenced to keep some stock on.

We gave one or two of these other footpath users a wide berth.

Mick having lunch near Wrangle
Although we were alongside the coastline we were just too far away to actually see it, we did have a hazy view of the other side of The Wash.

Dave on the footath
We walked on the embankment for nearly 4 hours then took a footpath and farm track to get onto the main road, the A52.

The final 2 miles were on the road to Wainfleet All Saints and the small campsite at Bateman's Brewery where we had been offered a free pitch, we were the only campers there today.

We arrived at 14.40, a good time for the 20 miles, the weather had improved slightly with the cloud starting to break up and let the sun out.

Camping at Bateman's Brewery
Mick & Karen took me out for another pub meal, tomorrow it's back to self catering with my basic fare of noodles and a tin of some kind of meat.

Mick & Karen head home in the morning, it had been an unexpected pleasure to have their company for the two nights, while I have a rest day.
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