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The ship you see Dave is the MV SARPEN (Dwt 106k), berthed at the Tetney mono Mooring buoy 2142 on the 1st....by me!! (Karens brother). The river remains as busy as ever......however all vessels now anchor and await 12m North, so out of sight!!!. Davi

Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Sutton Br to Grimsby (62)
5546 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 363. Wed 2nd Jul 2014 - Saltfleetby to Humberston, 17 miles (5546 miles walked)

The footpath to Saltfleet
With me staying at Mick & Karen's tonight I was keen to get there so I left earlier than of late at 07.35. It was another sunny day and I went straight along the road to the car park on the dunes.

A footpath from here went along the edge of the dunes into Saltfleet.

The footpath from Donna Nook
There was no footpath along the coast between Saltfleet and Donna Nook, the map had some of the coast marked as "Danger Area", there was a RAF base at Donna Nook.

I walked on the main road to North Somercotes and then took a minor out to the dunes car park just west of Donna Nook.

There was a new sea defense for flood management and I walked along the top of this to meet up with the existing embankment along the edge of the salt marsh.

The footpath to Horse Shoe Point
The embankment had a public footpath on it as far as Horse Shoe Point, it was a trifle overgrown in places but it was colourful.

The next section of embankment did not have any footpaths shown on the map but I hoped I could walk along it, forever the optimist!

I had been going a few minutes when, ahead of me, I could see a gate across the embankment with a notice on it. I was thankful to read that it was a "Permissive Path" from here on.

Looking out to sea I could see a lighthouse not too far offshore, it looked like it was on a small island and it took me a while to realise I was looking at Spurn Point on the other side of the Humber.

What had initially thrown me was that there were no ships coming in or out of the river, I could see one stationary ship with two tugs or pilot boats in attendance, but that was it. The Humber is supposed to be one of the busiest rivers for shipping, when I have been on Spurn Pt in the past there has always seemed to be queues of ships in both directions.

Looking across the River Humber to Spurn Point

The footpath along Louth Canal
The embankment turned inland up the side of the Louth Canal but there was a farm road bridge not far up for me to cross over.

The beach at Humberston Fitties
I followed the track into Humberston Fitties, a complex of wooden chalets, there was a car park at each end and I thought I had arranged to meet Karen & Sandra in the first car park north of the Fitties.

The Grenwich Meridian Line at Humberston
I didn't see them or the car in the park and it turned out they had parked in the one at the north end of the Fitties and had walked south to meet me. I ended up walking back to the previous car park where they were.

Where I had stopped there was a signpost and a line across the walkway marking the location of the Grenwich Meridian Line (the 0 degree Longitude) where it passes through Lincolnshire.

17 miles in 6 hours today and a bed to sleep in tonight.
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