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What am I going to read each evening now that you have finished the walk and blog?
Well done Dave, a great achievement!
Congratulations Dave from Ian & Betty, Kirkwall. (by Ian, Wednesday OFHS )
Congratulations from us all at High House Fruit Farm on the Suffolk coast where you spent a
night. Great achievement.
been following since west of Scotland and its been a daily read which i have throughly enjoyed, congratulations, not just on finishing but all of it, the walking, fundraising, photos and write ups in the logs, cheers!
Well done Dave, never doubted you for a second, well maybe for a second or two!
Congratulations!! What a fantastic achievement and a very respectable amount for Parkinsons, there's still time for people to donate if theyhave'nt done so already. Consider yourself booked for a talk at our monthly meetings. Anne(OFHS Chairman.)
Well done Dave - a truly amazing feat of walking :-) . You can take q well earned rest now - before you start on the house. Orkney was brilliant by the way! (by Keith Murray)
Very well done on your long walk. Will miss reading your log every night. Amazing achievement. Jessie (ofhs)
Congratulations Dave - been following you on a daily basis. No doubt we'll see you in Orkney shortly. Cathleen (OFHS)
Just popped by your website again to day - and great to see you finished your walk since we meet you near Southwold. Fantastic effort Dave. Now give your feet little break :)
Huge congratulations on your amazing achievement! I've really enjoyed following your blog and watching the miles clock up! Best wishes, Sarah
Congratulations on completing this amazing walk and thank you for giving so many of us the enjoyment of following your experience online. (by Katherine (Bridge Club))
Dave, you are such an inspiration and I have enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck on your next adventure whatever that maybe

Tracy and Gary
(by Tracy and Gary Meakin)
Well done David! Congratulations. Sorry we missed you in Grimsby but we didn't get there until the Sunday night! Did you go under the Humber bridge, that is something special? Amazing feat
Well done Dave; such an achievement. Your family must be so proud of you.
It was lovely to catch up on old times when you were darn Sarf .....hope you're having a well deserved rest. :) (by Jan and Jacko)
Well done Dave,you must be very proud.Hope your camper van made it also !! Regards....Stewart (Poulton-le-Fylde)
Oustanding, heroic effort on completeing , and a fantastic amount raised . I raise my glass to ya fella !!!!! (by shaun & pierce)

Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Grimsby to Withernsea - The End (63)
5630 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 373. Sat 12th Jul 2014 - Out Newton to Withernsea, 5 miles (5630 miles walked)

The walkers on the last day
It was to be a latish start today but I still had to get up early as Radio Humberside wanted a 5 minute live 3-way phone interview at 08.00 with myself and John, who had met me on the Humber Bridge

There was a bit of mist about when I set off on the final 5 miles of my 15 month trek, I was accompanied by 16 family members, the youngest was my granddaughter Elsa of 10 weeks.

The clifftop path
We were due to finish at the Pier Towers in Withernsea at 12.00 and I had allowed 2 hours for the walk, we were 5 minutes late leaving.

Getting down to the beach
High tide was around 4 o'clock so we would be able to walk all the way there on the beach.

There was no recognised way down from the clay cliffs but we managed to get down at a small gully.

The beach to Withernsea
It wasn't long before we were scattered all over the beach.

Andrew,Andrew & Beth
Some were kicking a football about, Riley the dog had his own ball to chase while my other two grandchildren, Andrew & Beth kept stopping to build sandcastles.

Sandra had told the rest of us to look out for pieces of sea glass for a picture she wanted to make.

The promenade at Withernsea
We stopped for a short break after an hour then continued on the beach until we reached the start of the south promenade.

If we hadn't been 5 minutes late starting we would have arrived right on time but 5 minutes late after 15 months can't be too bad.

Crossing the finishing tape
My parents and more family and friends were waiting for us at the Pier Towers and Parkinson's had a good turnout with the Area representative and some members of the Hull Support Group together with the newly formed Withernsea Group.

The local MP and some councillors were also there to greet us.

We spent a while chatting with everyone and after a quick recording for the local community radio and the reporter for the weekly gazette we all made our way back to Joyce & Andy's.

Andrew presenting the plaque
The sea mist hadn't quite cleared up but it was dry and warm enough for everyone to enjoy the barbecue and entertainment in the garden.

My nephew, Andrew, had carved a commemorative plaque out of a piece of Lime wood to mark the completion of my walk.

After 15 months of outdoor living it is probably going to take some time to settle back down to domesticity.

Just having taken it one day at a time I don't feel that I have been on the go that long, I can only describe it as being like going to work every day on a job I enjoy doing but not knowing what or who I would see and what challenges I may have to face on the day.

I have had occasional periods of aches and pains, one or two more severe than others but on the whole I have had no health problems and never once questioned why I was doing this.

The sights I have seen and the people I have met have made it a wholly pleasurable time and hopefully all your donations will go some way towards finding a cure for Parkinson's.

I think I will need to read through my logs for it to sink in that I have actually walked right round the British Coastline. It has, of course, helped immensely having had support, encouragement, emails, comments and hospitality from many people, particularly Mick & Karen and my very tolerant wife, Sandra, who lets me get away with far too much!

One thing I won't miss will be having to write a daily log, that has probably been the hardest part of the trek but it has all been worthwhile if you have enjoyed sharing some part of my adventure.

After a few days of relaxing I'll put on some facts & figures from the trek.

Thanks to you all.
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