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About bloody time bro! (You obviously haven't had a signal for the last two months! Here's my list... (by Karen & Mick)
Only 1 pair of boots for me, plus new trainers, new waterproofs, a tent, a new ruc sac, sleeping bag, roll mat, inner, 3 prs. socks, leggings, stove, pan, and a watch! Transport costs -don't even think about it!
was it worth it? You bet it was!!!!!!!
Aha! The stats are up - I am amazed you dont have itchy feet! I will be up doing some Munros again soon (plan is to try to finish them next year...) so will let you know when so you can stretch your legs :) (by Andrew)
Two years ago today. Still proud of you Dave :) (by Andrew)

Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Grimsby to Withernsea - The End (63)
5630 out of 5630 miles completed

About the Walk

This walk had been on the cards for a few years with the intention of starting after I became 60 and was largely inspired by the TV series 'Coast'.
Ideally I would have liked to use my campervan as a base and sleep in it most nights, the benefits being that I would only need to carry minimal equipment, could cook & sleep in comfort and be able to keep my phone, camera etc fully charged. But as I would be walking unsupported it would have meant using public transport to get to and from it each time so I would need to start and stop each day close to a bus/train stop. I would also have to find somewhere to leave the campervan during the day and it is expensive with the transport costs, parking & campsite fees for the campervan.
I may use it in the winter.

Although I am intending doing the walk in one go I will be taking enforced rest days and short breaks every now and again, hopefully this will mean that I won't suffer too much with my Achilles.
When I backpacked from Lands End to John o' Groats back in 2004 I walked without a break for 67 days and towards the end I was having pain with my Achilles which took weeks to fully recover from.

A bit about Myself

My name is Dave Higgins, I was born in Withernsea in 1952, am married to Sandra, live in Orkney and I enjoy the outdoors.


I don't aim to do a lot of training, the walk is that long that I might as well train as I go.

I usually take the dog for an hours walk every day so I will carry my rucsac all the time to get used to carrying weight.

At the weekend I will do longer walks.
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