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Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Planned start date: Sat 30th March 2013
0 out of 5630 miles completed

Dave Higgins
Welcome to my website, I hope you will enjoy reading my daily reports as I circumnavigate Britain, walking as close as feasible to the coast only using bridges or tunnels to cross rivers and aiming to complete the walk in one go.

The total distance is expected to be over 6000+ miles and whilst the walk is supposed to be for pleasure I am raising money to support Parkinson's, I would like to think I could raise £1 per mile. Donations can be made online through the JustGiving website.

I will be starting the walk on 30th March 2013 from Withernsea, a small seaside resort (population around 6000) on the E Yorks coast, my birthplace and still the home of my parents.
I expect the walk will take about 14 months.

My brother Mick will accompany me for the first week as I head north, walking anti-clockwise round the coast.

For the most part I will be walking on my own and unsupported, I have no schedule and will be backpacking, stopping to camp wherever is suitable.

The locations on the base map are roughly at 100 mile intervals, except for the NW coast of Scotland, from Tongue to Gourock, which are 200 miles apart.

Location and Numbered links below the map will become visible only after the location has been reached.

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