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Start as you mean to go on! Hope you had a comfortable nights sleep? Enjoy the sun today.

Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Start - Withernsea to Redcar (1)
21 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 1. Sat 30th Mar 2013 - Withernsea to Skipsea, 21 miles (21 miles walked)

Geoff,mother,Dave & Mick
After a quick photoshoot with the local paper we were waved off by the rest of the family at 9.40.

Middle brother,Geoff, was joining us for the day, he is a geo-cacheing anorak and was aiming to grab another 4.

It was snowing as we left but it didn't last long and the sun came out, mind you if was still a cold easterly wind.

We were soon on the cliff top and it was nice and flat for easy walking. The cliffs up this stretch of coast are made of clay and erosion can claim metres each year.

We paused at Tunstall while Geoff crawled through the undergrowth to find his first cache.

A fallen building
The stable
There was plenty of evidence of the coastal erosion with debris on the beach and we stopped for lunch in the shelter of a stable which didn't look as though it would be there for much longer.

There were a few MOD firing ranges shown on the map and we weren't sure if we would be able to go through them. We came to the first one shortly after lunch, we tried to stay close to the cliff edge but the bramble briars were too much for my bare legs so we moved inland a bit and managed to find a track.

Track through the firing range
We came to our first obstacle a bit further on, a farmer had fenced his land right to the cliff edge and put up a Skull & Crossbones flag.
We decided to climb over anyway, well, he must have been watching us from the farmhouse because the next we knew this 4x4 came tearing towards us. He wasn't a happy chappie so we thought it best to drop down to the beach for the rest of the walk.

We got to Hornsea at 3.30 and had a pot of tea in a cafe while Steph came to pick Geoff up.

Dave at Hornsea
Our planned campsite was 2 miles up the coast at Atwick but we never found it so we elected to stay on the road for another 4 miles to Skipsea where the next site was.

It was no exageration to say we were feeling knackered by the time we got there at 6.30, it was a much longer day than we had planned doing 21 miles.
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