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Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
John o Groats to Tongue (10)
912 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 53. Thu 30th May 2013 - John o' Groats to Brough, 12 miles (912 miles walked)

Low tide at Huna
With only 30 miles to Thurso we were having a short day today, 12 miles to Brough and take the bus to Thurso, which we would use as a base, and a longer pack free day tomorrow.

We packed up the tent and headed off at 07.30, apart from a small section in front of the hotel there were no paths to follow.

We managed to walk along the outside of the fields dropping down to the shore to get round Huna House.

Gills Bay
Surprisingly there was some sand to walk on until we reached the slipway.

We went up onto the road here and stayed on it to get to Gills Bay, the ferry was just coming in as we arrived.

Mick getting back up from the coast after Gills Bay
The cliff top ahead looked okay to walk on but we chose to stay down and walk on the stones until we passed the first stream gully.

Sheep tracks made the going over the heather easier but after skirting round Scotland's Haven the track we followed led us to the road instead of St John's Point.

Looking to Dunnet Head
Although it was sunny Dunnet Head seemed to have low cloud on it so we didn't get a good view of it.

Castle of Mey from the north
We stayed on the road going past Castle of Mey and Scarfskerry before getting to Brough for 12.30.

The bus was due in about 20 minutes so we relaxed in the sun and looked ahead over to Dunnet Head which was now clear of cloud.

Tomorrow is Mick's last day as it is back to school for him on Monday. The weather has been good (apart from the cold wind) all week and will hopefully continue the same tomorrow.
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