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sent an e mail from your log page but don't know if it went, let me know. What a dinosaur!
Dave, I still think your no witty so in case you get lost and I never see you again it was nice kenning u Ha! (by billy cardno)
You are both doing very well, especially with midges etc. It is good to hear and see the various places you are walking. Good to you both on this walk. Also pleased to see how well people are supporting you both.

Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Strontian to Camusnagaul (19)
1628 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 104. Wed 7th Aug 2013 - Resipole to Glencripesdale, 20 miles (1628 miles walked)

We had left our phones in the camp reception overnight to get charged up and as it didn't open until 08.30 we had a little bit of a lie in.
Not that we wanted to get up early, it started raining through the night and it still hadn't let up while we were having our breakfast.

Fortunately it stopped in time for us to take the tents down and the forecast was for it to stay dry.

Log piles
We were to spend the day walking round Loch Sunart and wild camping more or less right across from this campsite.

It was back on the main road, still single track and still dodging traffic.

We came across the biggest stockpile of felled trees we had ever seen by the side of the road.

Looking across to the S side of Loch Sunart
The weather was gradually improving and by the time we reached Strontian the sun was just about out.

Strontian had the last shop we would see until we got to Lochaline in 4 days time so once again our rucsacs would be overloaded with food.

After doing the shopping we went into the cafe next door for a bacon roll and a pot of tea.

Mick looking down Loch Sunart
It seemed a long way to the end of the loch but once we got on to the other side we had cooling head breeze.

Seeing the road sign for Lochaline, a mere 16 miles away, was a touch frustrating.

Dave looking up Loch Sunart
We left the main road at Liddesdale and continued on the minor road, lochside, to Laudale House.

There were good views up and down the loch in the sunshine.

From here it was a track through the forest and we were looking to wild camp at the headland Rubha Aird Earnaich, the map showed it as open land.

When we got there, however, it was as tree filled as everywhere else so we had to carry on.

Camping in the forest
We managed to find a very small clearing by the side of the track just big enough for the 2 tents.

There were hardly any midges but the place was crawling with spiders, every time I threw one out of the tent a bigger one seemed to come in.

20 easy miles made harder with the heavy rucsacs.
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