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Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Gourock to Cairnryan (27)
2248 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 145. Mon 30th Sep 2013 - Erskine Bridge to Wemyss Bay, 23 miles (2248 miles walked)

Dumbarton Castle
Amazingly the sun was shining as I started walking from the end of the Erskine Bridge into Bishopton. Was I being overly optimistic by putting sun lotion in the rucsac?

It was to be mostly main roads today but it turned out not too bad as there was generally a pavement to walk on.

Shipyard cranes in Greenock
At the roundabout with the A8 and M8 I was able to walk on the remains of the old main road through the trees into Langbank then a B road back to the A8.

Coming into Port Glasgow I kept on the minor roads as far as Newark Castle, after that it was easier just to stay by the main road.

James Watt statue, Greenock
I did try walking by the riverside but after being forced to turn back at one of the old docks I gave that idea up.

When I got into Greenock I was able to follow the cycle route signs.

Kempock Pt, Gourock
In the same way that I used to look out for good tent pitches I now find that I am constantly looking for places to park the camper overnight.

The Esplanade in Greenock and a car park just coming into Gourock were 2 suitable locations.

It was starting to cloud over now and there was quite a cold wind.

Cloch Lighthouse and across to Dunoon
The road turned south at Cloch Lighthouse, marking the end of the Firth of Clyde and getting back onto the actual coastline again.

Away from the built up area I came across a number of tin shacks on the shore and tucked up against the road.

They were virtually hidden and I only noticed them because one had a flag flying outside and some others had smoke coming out of a chimney.

Some were built on old jetties and some on rock, none of them had windows unless they were covered with a shutter of some sort and all were padlocked.

Tin shack and the ferries from Gourock to Hunters Quay

Coastline at Lunderston Bay
I was able to walk on a coastal footpath from the picnic area at Lunderston Bay to the marina at Inverkip.

Kip Marina
Approaching it from the shore you don't realise how big it is until you turn right into it.

I was planning to end the days walk here but I had to keep going a bit longer to Wemyss Bay before I found a proper bus stop.

23 miles in 8 hours.

There was no problem today with my bus pass, so that was a relief. I got back to the camper and drove it to the picnic site at Lunderston Bay.
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