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Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Barrow to Fleetwood (32)
2772 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 180. Sat 16th Nov 2013 - Barrow to Ulverston, 14 miles (2772 miles walked)

Coastline to Rampside
It was another grey day but still calm and mild, I drove ahead to Ulverston and got the train back to Barrow.

It wasn't going to be a long walk, which was just as well since it was a late start at 10.00.

I was now starting the long walk round Morecambe Bay and I won't be taking any shortcuts across the sands. Today, at least, I'll be able to stay close to the shore.

The cycleway out of Barrow went by the Sewage Works, Power Station and Gas Terminal and when it took a slight detour to get to Rampside I left it and walked on the shore.

Roa & Piel Islands

There are two small islands in the channel between Rampside and Walney Island, Roa has a causeway out to it but Piel is an island with just a castle on it. The castle is also a Public House.

Rampside has a couple of unusual features: a tall, thin beacon built of bricks and a large house which must have a separate chimney for each room.

Is the house a Chimney Sweep's dream or nightmare?

I was able to walk along the shore for a bit but then the road was that close to the shore that it needed a defensive wall and the tide wasn't out far enough to clear the sloping wall.

Coastline from Rampside
I stayed on the road until it veered inland for a short distance at Newbiggin, at which point I took a footpath through a couple of fields to rejoin it near Moat Farm.

At Aldringham I left the road and took to the shore again.

Coastline at Ulverston Sands
I watched a group of Oystercatchers doing something I had never seen before, they were on the sand/mud where the tide had just gone out and they were hopping about, not quite on the spot.
Presumably they were trying to encourage something to the surface that they could eat.

At Bardsea I went onto the footpath which went alongside the shore past Conishead Priory and on to Sandside.

I turned off just after the priory taking the road into Ulverston to get back to where I had left the camper.

Just 14 miles today.
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