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Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Aberystwyth to St Davids (38)
3273 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 213. Mon 13th Jan 2014 - Aberystwyth to Aberaeron, 18 miles (3273 miles walked)

It was a clear morning as I set off at 08.10, no sign of any rain yet.

Like yesterday the walk started with a climb out of Aberystwyth up onto the cliff top.

Looking back to Aberystwyth
Although the sun was out I never saw it as I was nearly always in the shadow of the hills.

The coastline to Llanrhystud
It was an easy path, either on the cliff top or along the side of the hill without much climbing.

The coastline to Llanrhystud
The path dropped down to sea level at Llanrhystud to cross a river and then it was a low level walk to Llannon.

For some reason I was directed onto the road just before Llannon and I stopped in the village to finish off my lunch.

Footpath to Aberarth
From Llannon the coastline became steep sided but it was still a good footpath and I was making better time than I had thought.

It was 13.00 and the forecast rain had finally started, luckily I didn't have much further to go.

Dropping back down into Aberarth there was another river to cross, because it was raining heavy I never got the map out and just followed a footpath sign.
It can't have been the right sign as I ended up on the shore and there was no bridge to cross the river. I managed to get across right at the tide line using stones to step across.

After that it was an easy half hour to Aberaeron where I finished my walk at 14.20, I had anticipated catching the 16.49 bus back to Aberystwyth so it was a bonus being able to get back 2 hours early.

It was an easy 18 miles and should be similar tomorrow.
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