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Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Dunbar to Crail (4)
329 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 18. Tue 16th Apr 2013 - North Berwick to Musselburgh, 20 miles (329 miles walked)

Walking round a golf course
There had been no let up with the wind and it was back to gale force and a head wind to boot as I was now travelling southwest.

I left the tent pitched and set off with a lighter rucsac at 8.10, just 200m down the road was a Tescos, I wish I had noticed it last night as I only had a packet of noodles in the rucsac as emergency food.

I seem to have done nothing but walk round golf courses lately, after the first one I got down onto the beach at Broad Sands but this was a painful experience as the wind was whipping sand in my face.

I stuck it for as long as I could then had to take a path through the dunes which was all up and down.

A Fellow Traveller
I was soon heading southwest towards Gullane Sands and even on the dunes the wind was blowing the sand at me, I shouldn't have bothered shaving the other day as it would have been sandblasted off today, I could hardly lift my head up to see where I was going.

I headed further inland towards yet another golf course and found a better path to follow.

This went through a small wood which was a welcome relief and I stopped to chat with a couple of residents, I am not really meeting many people who want to speak (I am not in the picture as I am behind the camera).

The path skirted round the north side of Gullane before heading out to Gullane Point, it continued south along the side of Aberlady Bay but I had had enough sand in my face so I took an alternate path, more inland, to get to Aberlady.

This path had a lot of toads on it.

Looking across Gosford Bay to Cockenzie Power Station
I should have taken the path round the shore to the next bay but chickened out and followed the John Muir Way to Gosford Bay.

There had been a few quite heavy rain showers and I did well to resist putting my waterproofs on.

Living in my Tent
I stayed with the JMW through Port Seton and Cockenzie and on to Prestonpans.

I was hoping to get a bus from here back to North Berwick but this wasn't a through route so I pressed on to Musselburgh and was just in time to catch the 15.00 which got me back to the campsite shortly after 16.00.

Then it was back to Tescos for shopping, my meal for tonight was beef curry with super noodles, 2 muffins soaked in milk washed down with a mug of tea. I won't say it's as good a meal as Sandra cooks for me but for a backpacker's meal it's up there.

South Queensferry tomorrow to Sally & Duncan's then Thursday will be a rest day.

I'll try and do a bit more forward planning this time, as much as I like wild camping I'd rather it was my choice and not be forced into it at the last minute.
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