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was great to meet Dave this morning as he walked along Caister sea front what a great cause, and good luck with the rest of your journey,well done Dave total respect.

Coasting Round Britain

30th March 2013 to 12th July 2014
Gt Yarmouth to Sutton Br (61)
5340 out of 5630 miles completed

Log No 348. Tue 17th Jun 2014 - Great Yarmouth to Hemsby, 14 miles (5340 miles walked)

Damsel Fly
When I got to this campsite yesterday I was told to pitch in the top field and the warden would come and find me, when I left at 07.30 I had never seen him so that was a cheap pitch.

There was a slight improvement in the weather with the odd break in the clouds but still a stiff north wind.

Breydon Water
I walked on the roads back into Gt Yarmouth to head for the bridge across Breydon Water and called in at a Tesco's to stock up.

Just before the bridge I came across a small cafe, it was 9 o'clock and with the earlyish start I was going to have time to kill so I went in for my second breakfast of the day.

Nelson's Monument
With these shorter daily walks I haven't been quite so hungry and I've not eaten a chocolate bar for a few days now.

Crossing over the bridge I walked down the side of the river to the port area then turned to the coast.

I walked on the road past the tall Nelson's Monument before getting onto the seafront by the Pleasure Beach, there didn't look to be much fun here as it seemed to be all closed up.

Great Yarmouth
I stayed on the seafront going past the two short piers and up by North Beach.

It doesn't seem right for a seaside resort to have a wide expanse of flat dunes between the promenade and the beach.

The dunes & beach to Caister
The road and promenade ended at the Holiday Park and a path carried on for while and then I had to go on the dunes or the beach to get to Caister.

It was coming up to high tide and there wasn't much hard packed sand to walk on but it was still easier than walking through the dunes.

I came off the beach at Caister and stopped at a picnic table for another sandwich. It was 12 o'clock and I only had 4 miles to go so I went into a cafe for a pot of tea.

While I was in there I overheard a welsh couple saying they had driven for 7 hours to get here and were disappointed with Great Yarmouth as it looked quite run down.

Clifftop houses at California
I took a footpath out of Caister next to the dunes then had to go back on the beach at another Holiday Park.

There was a bit of rock defensive work at the base of the cliffs but it didn't look like it would be that effective stopping the erosion, I don't think I would like to live in one of the houses near the cliff edge.

I got back up the cliffs at Scratby and took the small road and a bit of footpath to the road through the Hemsby Dunes with the wooden shacks and houses either side.

It came as a shock coming out of these dunes straight into Hemsby Holiday Village with all the seaside shops, amusements and rides.

I walked round the roads to get to Long Beach Caravan Park where I was given a free pitch for the night.

14 miles and even less tomorrow.
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